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Simple beauty to achieve the brand in the island booth
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  • On April 11, 2019 morning, the media institute of Suzhou university hall, Kyon teacher give a lecture with the theme of"brand strategy, creative dissemination value" for media college students.At the same time,Suzhou planning association leadership and a number of exhibition project entrepreneurs also will attend the meeting, show shop always as association deputy secretary-general zheng also participated in the meeting.

    In the lecture, Mr. Sun explained the background and current situation of the brand and analyzed the connotation of the brand culture. Students actively interacted with Mr. Sun and asked questions and communicated with him about relevant contents.At the end of the lecture, President of Suzhou planning association also introduced Suzhou planning association and the future major advertising awards about green exhibition projects.

    When it comes to brand, showshop has been paying attention to the power and value of the brand since its inception. Through continuous iterative innovation and strategic planning, it has finally built a brand of its own in the exhibition industry. Facing the new situation and challenges in the industry, showshop has already figured out countermeasures for exhibitors.

    At present, many small and medium-sized enterprise participation when facing these problems: their budget of the booth is relatively low, and for the effect of personalized display request is higher.They will usually choose 6 m * 6 m booth island form,and hope that through a lower investment, to show their miniaturization, information product, but often this island booths will became a bad thing in many enterprises participating.On the one hand, it is very difficult to use the traditional wooden structure to carry out the assembly scheme of hardcover, which basically makes it difficult to realize their personalized requirements. On the other hand, the cost of booths is high, and they are disposable and abandoned, not in line with the general direction of green exhibition

    In view of the above problems,showshop has designed a large number of 6m*6m booth cases this time, which are customized for the booth in the form of island. With our Smax 3.0 green exhibition system, we can realize the whole process of toolless assembly, car transportation and quick disassembly and assembly.All the walls, we use the national flame retardant certification B1 level of environmental protection thermal sublimation textiles, coupled with simple visual design. Down complex, back to simplicity.

    Strategy to shape the brand, creative communication value, the beauty of simplicity has been the pursuit of countless art practitioners.We will learn to use simple language to describe extraordinary chapters. Smax 3.0, we have been on the road of efforts.






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