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Chinese people have a deep
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  • "Pear courtyard dissolved month, willow pond faint wind."In the heart of the Chinese people, there is a unique plot of courtyard.One side courtyard, the seasons change, infinite beauty is longing for nostalgia.Time has passed, people's life has become rich, the yard has gradually become people's spiritual sustenance and the carrier of feelings.

    Recently, Su Daqiang and his children just want to do a Jiangnan courtyard exhibition project, before they have been tinkering with carpentry paint set, and did not think of national policy ordered development "green exhibition".Carpentry paint is not environmental protection, and won't let do.This make Su Daqiang very sorrow, in the first place it is not to earn money to do this project, now it is broken.Just got a new project, he can't do this, that let him want to jump off a building.Luckily his daughter ask around, and he knows that on March 30th in Nanjing international expo center, there is a new species is called the "Smax3.0", as long as three people, 1 day time, can build 200 square meters of Jiangnan, courtyard. Su Dajiang calculates carefully, if he made project by"Smax3.0",he can also earn money.He don't worry any more,and with all his heart to buy Smax3.0 material, when his son known that, he signed up Smax China platform to do this project after the second day immediately.

    After the project signing, the platform immediately planned and coordinated.In order to retain the feeling in people's heart and bring the landscape of the courtyard to all parts of the country, showshop carries the Smax3.0 green exhibition system to present the beauty of Jiangnan courtyard for you.We have abandoned the traditional woodwork paint exhibition construction method, and use the Smax 3.0 construction system which follows the design of the beam and column structure of the ancient architecture. With a more environmentally friendly method, the exhibition booth is presented in a vivid three-dimensional way, which is also more in line with the current green exhibition industry development trend.

    A good booth is not a frosty profiles with combination can achieve, rich details and humanized design for our booth to become a "temperature" house.Farewell not environmental protection materials and the pollution to the environment, reducing the traditional flavor of the Chinese architecture "home" to the quality of the booth and value to get a new sublimation.

    "The courtyard is a little deep."We listen to our own inner voice in the courtyard of Jiangnan, and create the beauty of Jiangnan in the eyes of Smax people in our own way.This seemingly simple Su shi courtyard, is not only a physical space, it's more than a place called "home". We hope that in this broad somewhere between heaven and earth, to be able to contain everyone who lived here sincere, delicate feelings, this is the Chinese nature that wipe don't go to the "courtyard" complex.






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