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Uncover the secrets behind the Smax3.0 product
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  • After appreciating several live cases of our Smax3.0, I think everyone has a general understanding of our green stand and platform mode. Then what is the structure inside the stand?What makes it an extremely concise exhibition building system that is praised by the industry?Today, we are going to reveal one layer after another for you.

    In Chinese ancient wooden building, the construction of the beam structure is a very scientific structure, and mortise and tenon joint structure is the history of ancient Chinese carpenter masters left us precious resources, ancient architecture is mainly made of wood, brick and tile building materials, timber frame structure as the main way of structure, each component to dovetail mortise and tenon joint between nodes, constitute a flexible framework.

    The above mentioned "tenon" and "mortise" respectively are a kind of concave and convex joint mode adopted on the two wooden parts.Protruding part is called tenon, concave part is called mortise, mortise and tenon bite, play the role of connection.Mortise and tenon structure is the combination of tenon and mortise, it is the clever combination of more and less, high and low, long and short, which can effectively limit the twisting of the profile in all directions.

    A case study of traditional mortise and tenon structure in ancient China

    The most basic mortise and tenon structure is composed of two basic components, one of which is inserted into the mortise of the other so that the two components are connected and fixed.This kind of structure does not lie in the strength of individual, but combines with each other and supports each other. The two main components of Smax 3.0, the cross bar and the vertical bar, are equivalent to the beam and column of the house structure, and the combination of the cross bar and the vertical bar adopts this kind of traditional mortise and tenon structure.

    Horizontal and vertical bar drawing accessories drawing


    Next we through a special video to understand the Smax of the composite structure bar.

    The assembly video

    Do you known that Smax 3.0’s internal structure has been conducted for four major update iteration since 2014, only to subtle touch kapoor, profile design of fine-tuning and have five times, using abrasive fee is as high as more than 70.So far, the stand that through actual use Smax3.0 did area of more than 54000 square meters totally.Compared with a few years ago, Smax 3.0 has been refined and refined to meet the needs of renting special stands and customized special stands."Thousands of hammer million chisel out of the mountains, if the fire burning idle."It is the continuous research of the group of the Smaxs staff, who have paid a lot of time and painstaking efforts to build the current standardized exhibition building system, and to have a better platform and service in the future,now we are still on the road of green exhibition, never forgetting our original purpose and forging ahead.






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