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Green action in China -- Smax China • Shandong Guanshi  an excellent case of Smax 3.0
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  • In the last issue, we introduced one of the excellent service providers of Smax China, Taizhou DingSheng advertising media co., LTD.. the success of the estate expo, and also brought a good case demonstration for Smax platform peers.Also, in a large number of Smax China excellent service providers, there are many excellent model service providers, today we will know Smax green mobile China's second excellent service provider - Shandong Guanshi marketing co., LTD., Let us understand what kind of outstanding cases they will bring to you.

    Shandong Guanshi marketing co., LTD., formerly known as Jinan Aowis advertising media co., LTD., is located by the lake of Daming, Jinan city. It is a comprehensive advertising service company specializing in providing public relations activities, planning, design and implementation of conference and exhibition as well as integrated marketing and communication of new media.At present, the main customers of Guanshi are automobile brands, government, media and other enterprises and institutions. In recent years, we have made new breakthroughs and developments in sports events and medical conferences.The company has 300 square meters of advertising equipment storage warehouse and a professional service team. At the same time, as the service operator of Smax China in Shandong province, the company has established more than 10 secondary service networks in the whole province, which can provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of activities in the whole province.

    The day of May 12, 2019 is China's 11th National Day for disaster prevention and reduction, with the theme of "improving disaster prevention and control capabilities and building a defense line for life safety".The publicity campaign of ‘disaster prevention and reduction day’ in Jinan, Shandong province, was officially launched on the morning of May 12 at Quancheng square in Jinan.Wang zhonglin, member of the standing committee of Shandong provincial party committee and secretary of Jinan municipal party committee, and Liu qiang, deputy governor of Shandong province attended the event.

    This activity's main background wall is by three generations of Smax and cooperate with Shandong Guanshi marketing co., LTD. completed.view after the site layout plan as a whole, Smax headquarters will be the first time profile configuration to the scene, implemented by the Guanshi, 48 meters long, 2.4 meters high of super-long setting wall is a new attempt and breakthrough, the three generations of the proximate matter of the task profile perfect fit for the outdoors, rendering the activities of the center of the content. At the same time,the propaganda content of  the theme activities of the provincial units on both sides is also used the Smax3.0 small structure to complete by Guanshi, small special assembly at the forefront of indicate named eight provincial units respectively, while behind the Smax 3.0 panel corresponds corresponding unit knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation propaganda, propaganda to the public of the disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief work in Shandong province,and popularize knowledge of all kinds of disaster risk, disaster prevention and mitigation and risk aversion self-help rescue skills with display all kinds of new equipment, new products of emergency rescue, caused the great interest and participation enthusiasm of the masses, which has received the good effect of publicity and education.

    More than 100 display boards were installed during the publicity campaign, and more than 7,000 citizens actively participated in the publicity campaign.The emergency department of Shandong province also broadcast the whole event live, making use of new media to ensure that more citizens can understand the knowledge related to emergency in an all-round and diversified way.

    The case of Shandong Guanshi's publicity activity is also an excellent demonstration of the outdoor application of Smax 3.0 green exhibition. The activity is not only highly praised by the local government leaders, but also reflects the potential of Smax 3.0 in undertaking large-scale activities such as government and institutional activities, and also opens up a new development direction for platform partners.Smax 3.0 green exhibition has always adhered to the original intention of making progress together with everyone, the symbiotic service system and constant enthusiasm, leading Smaxs staffs to constantly forge ahead and innovate.(partial reprint from China macro Shandong)






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