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Practitioner of green exhibition -- show shop sharing on BBS of Chengdu Gaofeng
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  • 1 National policy level points the way

    With the global economic integration and the international community's increasing attention to environmental issues, the emphasis on economic and environmental issues has become the focus of international cooperation and competition.Green, innovative, coordinated, open and Shared, as the development concept and development mode guiding China's "13th five-year plan" or even more long-term period, has pointed out the direction for the long-term development of China's exhibition industry.

    Green exhibition is based on the principle of sustainable development. The development of green exhibition is conducive to improving the utilization efficiency of industrial resources, reducing the management cost of exhibition enterprise operation, and improving the level of informatization, standardization and intensification of China's exhibition industry.At present, all kinds of state-level exhibitions, including Shanghai "fair", Guangzhou "Canton fair" and "Beijing film festival", have raised their requirements for green booths to a certain height.

    2 The Chengdu peak BBS definites target

    Chengdu international green exhibition peak BBS is held in Chengdu century city new international exhibition center on March 15, 2019.The theme of the conference is "green exhibition • creative innovation".Zuo Lin, President of Chengdu conference and exhibition service industry association, pointed out at the meeting that the Chengdu government is very determined to develop green exhibition and has begun to take the lead in relevant work, including standard formulation, financial support and other aspects.She called on all links in the exhibition industry chain to actively participate in green exhibitions, especially the organizers, venues and material manufacturers, which should focus on practicing their own green exhibitions.

    At the same time, the meeting set up with" the difficulty in the green exhibition business promotion parsing" as the theme of the dialogue, the dialogue by the conference and exhibition service industry association deputy secretary-general of Chengdu YanZiJian host, Suzhou show shop exhibition service co., LTD. General manager Zheng guodong;smart display system co., LTD. Liu yan, head of the sichuan area; chengdu LiXiang culture creativity co., LTD., general manager Lijun;the cloud (Chengdu) culture communication co., LTD., general manager of Ren Zirong respectively around the green exhibition in the focal point and difficult point in the application are discussed in this paper.

    3 Show shop green exhibition practice

    At the BBS meeting, Zheng Shared with the title "the practitioner of green exhibition". He pointed out that the real green does not lie in using a lot of luxurious decoration, but in using design and creativity to achieve interaction and fun, so as to attract the target group.He thinks green exhibition lies in planning, flat design can realize green exhibition completely.

    3.1 green product

    Wooden houses in ancient China post and beam structure is a kind of very scientific building structure, the mortise and tenon joint structure is the history of ancient Chinese woodworking teacher left us resources, Smax 3.0 is mortise and tenon joint structure follows the ancient buildings with beam-column structure design, this is a set of so far in the industry leading green exhibition setup system.

    3.2Green lease

    We have researched the characteristics that a suitable leasing system should have: standardization, large rigid demand and low operating cost.Smax 3.0 fully conforms to these three characteristics, and is designed for these three characteristics. Whether it is the transformation of cultural blocks, the flash display of commercial furnishings, or the exhibition venue, there is no doubt that the market needs Smax 3.0.

    3.3 green platform

    However, green products can be used for local leasing, which is not green enough. In essence, it is difficult to solve the future trend of green and environmental protection. The real green exhibition depends on the operation and maintenance mode and operation platform, which is the green exhibition in our eyes.Smax China service platform is an exhibition and exhibition service platform that has been in operation for more than 10 years, gathering more than 80 established and leasing service providers in more than 30 cities nationwide.A huge number of cases are generated every day. When you are together with a group of partners to build the exhibition of the Internet of things, you are no longer fighting alone.

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