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Green action in China -- Smax China • Taizhou Dingsheng  an excellent case of Smax 3.0
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  • The rapid development of Smax 3.0 green exhibition is not only due to the green and convenient products, but also inseparable from the big platform of Smax China. Within the platform of Smax China, a large number of service providers of Smax China have gathered. They are the landing partners who use "Smax" to provide exhibition and exhibition services for the unified brand image.After the training, guidance and support from the headquarter of the Smax, the cooperator is certified by the headquarter.Accept the headquarters dispatch, with Smax service spirit as the core, around the Smax service brand operation of high-end exhibition display independent unit.Today we mainly introduce a Smax China's excellent service provider - Taizhou Dingsheng advertising media co., LTD.

    Taizhou Dingsheng advertising media co., LTD., founded in 2010, is located in number 28-15,young south road,Taizhou, which is a company that specialized engaged in the planning, and to undertake all kinds of domestic and international conference and exhibition with international service.At present, the Dingsheng advertising has 300 square advertising equipment reserve warehouses, engaged in convention and exhibition equipment leasing project. As a total service operators of Smax China in Yangzhou and Taizhou region, it has played a vital role in the middle region for all types of brand business activities provide one-stop services,.The company implements standardized production process and refined quality management, with a high-quality executive team.The average working experience is more than 5 years, which effectively ensures the perfect execution of all kinds of orders and wins high praise from customers.

    Recently, Taizhou room expo grand opening in Taizhou stadium, the room expo with "good day, good life" as the theme, by Taizhou real estate industry association and Taizhou radio and television media group, activity lasts three days (May 10-12), a number of enterprise will participate in the exhibition, including the Taizhou Dingsheng exclusive custom-made room expo booth for source of heaven and earthžbrocade XiangDou, using Smax 3.0 green expo exhibition profiles, build up a set of the booth is given priority to with red color, not only conforms to real estate side hit "interpreta dream still need young" slogan, more the booth site added vigor, attracted many exhibitors audience's eyeball.

    In this curator project, Smax China headquarters after knowing to the service provider of customized requirements, for the first time cooperate with Taizhou Dingsheng advertising collaboration modify rendering and site profile configuration, when approvaled from the user, it immediately set out to arrange set up project implementation, to meet the customer's end demand is given priority to, to strive for customer satisfaction and field effect of a win-win situation,and finally got the audience and sponsor's consistent high praise.

    Through this case, we can also learn that Smax China service platform has always adhered to the concept of symbiosis and win-win development. As an exhibition and exhibition service platform that has been in operation for more than 10 years, we have gathered more than 30 cities and more than 80 established and leasing service providers nationwide.This is full of mutual support and friendship, every case, every experience, every round of project is Shared.As long as the Smax 3.0 products quickly through substantive review, namely become Smax 3.0 the certification service provider in China, with other like-minded Smax China service providers that through 30 cities, more than 80 to form a common exhibition service system, at the same time, we can also share the excellent results to other friends in the platform, to lay down their fight alone, hug together with the world.






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