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The new highlight of green exhibition -- flame retardant materials
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  • Why do you often need to pay attention to the flame retardant nature of environmentally friendly materials?And stipulate the environmental protection level of the booth, mandatory use of flame retardant green materials to build?This is a problem that many exhibitors will face when they attend the exhibition for the first time recently.

    First of all, as a trend nowadays, green exhibition is not only an international exhibition, but also a domestic exhibition. More and more people begin to stipulate the environmental protection level of booth materials, aiming at carrying out the exhibition and assuming the responsibility of environmental protection in the world.Green materials not only need to be in the booth construction and development process, the end of the exhibition can also be reusable or environmentally degradable.Nowadays, green construction is a mandatory requirement of the exhibition. If the flame retardant and environmental protection indicators of the exhibition booth do not meet the corresponding requirements, or cause accidents, the exhibitor will face severe punishment from the organizer.

    In the exhibition hall, the space between booths is not far.Considering the necessity of fire prevention, once fire accident, the impact of the consequences is very huge, so in order to prevent fire accident, it is necessary to use the booth design and materials and use high fire rating materials.These fire-resistant or flame-retardant grade materials can effectively prevent the further spread of fire, reduce the impact of fire and reduce the loss caused by fire.

    Our country tests to the standard of textile flame retardant is GB 17951, commonly used now is 2006 edition, textile in advertisement display, decorate, decorate respect application must reach B1 class.In the standard test, the general test items are: damage length, continued burning time, smoldering time, and so on.(FIG.)

    All the background picture materials used in the booth set up by Smax have passed the B1 national index, which is the basic flame-retardant requirement. This standard is required for general bidding and domestic venues.

    China promulgated and implemented the fire protection law in 1998, which stipulates that the interior decoration and decoration of public places should use non-combustible and flame retardant materials.Domestic advertising material has gradually flame retardancy requirement, especially in some large shopping malls, large exhibition venue for companies in and there were some items shown in flame retardancy regulations and requirements, and more carefully in the concrete operation and implementation of strict, require exhibitors or enterprises with related products of the flame retardant performance test report.In some cases, it is necessary to provide samples for on-site flame retardant performance testing. Enterprises or exhibits that do not have flame retardant test report or do not pass the sample test in spite of the report are directly refused to participate in the exhibition or display.Now the construction of environmental protection booth has become an inevitable trend, and green flame retardant materials will become a new highlight in the exhibition.

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